Adults Benefit From Coaching If They:

  • Procrastinate or only complete tasks at the last minute.
  • Fail to keep promises or follow through on commitments.
  • Have a hard time sustaining attention when working, or when conversing with others.
  • Have difficulty organizing and planning tasks in work or personal life.
  • Tend to make impulsive decisions, purchases, or comments.
  • Don't manage time well, show up late, and don't meet deadlines.

Executive Function | ADHD Coaching Can Help

The goal of executive function skills coaching is to help individuals become focused, productive, and confident. Coaching is a goal-oriented process where they develop awareness of their strengths and challenges, learn executive function strategies that build on their strengths, and understand how to use them independently and consistently.

What You Can Expect from Coaching:

  • Improved focus, time and task management, productivity, and confidence.
  • Support for academic skills such as reading comprehension, writing organization, memorization that affect job performance.
  • An approach that helps individuals develop problem solving skills, create meaningful strategies, and reduce negative self-talk.
  • A system of feedback and accountability that helps individuals reach their goals.
  • Implementation of strategies to increase emotional control and productivity.
  • Active collaboration with family members, psychologists, and others.
  • Planned development of independence through fading of external supports.
I was feeling a little hopeless when I called Clarence. My ADHD was interfering with my success at work and personal well-being at home. The therapists I had worked with didn’t have ADHD as their focus, and their strategies were not effective for me. In contrast, working with Clarence has been transformative. ADHD is his focus, and his patient encouragement and practical strategies have helped me gain more control over my schedule and life. I recommend Clarence to you if you are looking for effective strategies to address the challenges of ADHD.
— Libby, Los Angeles, CA

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