Middle and High School Students Benefit From Coaching If They:

  • Can't get started on or complete homework or projects.
  • Forget important parts of multi-step directions.
  • Get overwhelmed by details and don't have confidence in themselves.
  • Struggle to maintain social relationships.
  • Can't easily recall what they learned during the school day.
  • Are disorganized and not able to keep track of assignments.
  • Take too much time to complete projects or assignments.
  • Are defiant and resist doing certain tasks. 

Executive Function | ADHD Coaching Can Help

The goal of executive function skills coaching is to help students become focused, productive, and confident. Coaching is a goal-oriented process where they develop awareness of their strengths and challenges, learn executive function strategies that build on their strengths, and understand how to use them independently and consistently.

What You Can Expect from Coaching:

  • Improved focus, time and task management, productivity, and confidence.
  • Solidify academic skills such as reading comprehension, writing organization, memorization, homework planning, and more.
  • Implementation of strategies to increase emotional control and productivity.
  • Active collaboration with family members, teachers, and supporting professionals.
  • Support for requesting special education assessments, customizing classroom accommodations or modifications, and advocacy in IEP meetings.
  • Parenting strategies to improve life at home and school.
  • Planned development of independence through fading of external supports.
We are happy to affirm our support for the services offered by Dr. Perkins! We have just learned that our son received passing grades in all of his classes for this year! About two months ago, that wasn’t the case. He was learning the subject matter but failing on executing discipline by turning in completed work assignments.
— Nicole and Gene, West Covina, CA

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