Step One:

Have questions about executive function deficits, ADHD, or coaching? For a free, no obligation consultation, just contact me by the online form, email or phone. Whether you choose to work with me or not, I'm still here to help! 


Step two

A sense of rapport is critical in the coaching relationship. The next step is to set up a no-cost "meet & greet" in-person (if you are in the Los Angeles area) or via video conference elsewhere. We'll spend between 30-minutes to one hour continuing the conversation.


step three

Here are the coaching options we offer:

  • Essential Coaching: One 60 minute coaching session per week, in-person or via video conference.
  • Essential Coaching with Check-In: One 60 minute coaching session with a 30-minute check-in via video conference or phone call.
  • Transformational Coaching: Two 60 minute coaching sessions per week, both in-person, via video conference, or a combination.